The Art of Battling the Giants – [David & Goliath]

David & Goliath

Finished Reading: April 26, 2014

Reading Notes:

We always blind by perception and reality in life.
So often we take things for granted and would miss the chance to see the issues one step further.

For example, what is advantage? And what is disadvantage?
It is very easy for us to be fooled by the direct impression of them or we may get into the trap
if we handle them with conventional wisdom. It is because sometimes when being in a wrong situation,
advantage will become disadvantage, and vice versa.

There are many great examples listed in the book to show us why and how sometimes
underdogs and misfits can win the battles of fighting their tough and strong enemies.
By looking at these cases, we can learn how to smartly deal with the challenges we face in our life.

Gladwell is very good at using research data to support or prove his argument.
And most of the issues he worked on are from western modern life of the 21st century.

In fact most of the content in the book are not new wisdom or any new discovery.
We are just too busy to react and too lazy to rethink.
Particularly if you have read The Art of War by Sun Tsu or any articles from Lao Tsu or Zhuang Zi.

Nice to have Gladwell to be our constant reminder even though he is not telling us to live life easily.
He surly help us to become clearer andwiser.

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