Total Psychology – [Drunk Tank Pink]

Drunk Tank Pink


Finished Date: Dec 15, 2013

Reading Notes:

From The World Within Us, to The World Between Us,
and then The World Around Us,
social psychologist Adam Alter explains many factors that affect
how we think, feel and behave in the modern days.

The most interesting example of course is the Power of Pink.
And that is actually why I was attracted to and bought this book.
Another case shown in the book I like most is human isolation.
Think it worths more thoughts before we can come to any conclusion.

There are in fact many unexpected forces hidden in our daily life or in reality.
And this is exactly how psychology is served to heal our problematic souls.

It would be much better if the author or editor can add more visuals
(may it be graphics or photos) to the text.
And if I were the book designer, I’ll make all the pages in pink!

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