Art as Design – [Design as Art]

Design as Art


Finished Reading: Sept 20, 2013

Reading Notes:

Written in 1966.
Translated in 1971.
Reprinted in 2008.
Still inspiring after all these years!
It’s really an astonishing classic for all designers
as well as artists.

When design in daily life becomes more and more artistic,
they become work of art and that’s how designers become artists.
Although artists may not be happy to be called designers.

It’s really hard to differentiate design and art these days
particularly fine art is becoming more and more commercial nowadays.
But who cares when design and art can be appreciated by more people?
May be the only thing different between the hearts of designers and artists is
designers always carry responsibility with them when they design but artists
are freer to express.

Just like artist may not like to be identified as designer, being a designer, I would feel a bit awkward if being called artist.


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