A Woman’s Journey Home – [Everyday Sacred]

Everyday Sacred

Finished Date: April 14, 2013

Reading Notes:

A book about the begging bowl.
Many inspiring stories form this precious teaching.
One of the stories particularly touched me rather deeply:

Zuni Fetish:

Audrey, a friend, owned and treasured a rare Zuni fetish, a carved onyx wolf sitting in the " singing position", with its head raised towards the moon. To honor a friend of hers at a critical time, Audrey lent her the wolf.

Her friend assumed it was a gift and Audrey did not have the heart to say . " No, This is mine. I need her!" When Audrey was next in Santa Fe, she went back to the shop where she had bought her wolf and asked for another just like it. A customer, overhearing her, came up and said. " May be you don’t need it anymore. Perhaps your wolf had done whatever she could for you."

Something had been completed – rather than lost…

Author of this book is a potter.
We not only have a lot in common but also share many values.
Including the statement made by M.C. Richards:
“It’s not pots we are forming, it’s ourselves."

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